We know the value of good jewelry items and their importance in lifting up an ordinary outfit. These pieces are so hard to find and even harder to keep. If handled with care, a good jewelry piece can last several years in your wardrobe, ready to be paired with any outfit of your choice.

Here is our curated list of 5 hacks that will help make your jewelry last longer:

1) Soak and wipe

Did you know that everyday pantry items could restore the shine of your jewelry?

A tarnished silver piece can be brought back to life by soaking it into tomato juice or ketchup for a few hours.

A mixture of baking soda, warm water, salt and white vinegar makes a great recipe for cleaning your silver jewelry.

For your gold pieces, the best soak would be beer or white vinegar. Once you have dipped your jewelry pieces for a couple of hours, you can gently wipe them with a tissue paper or a cleaning towel for best results. You can also dip your diamond jewelry in alcohol before scrubbing it gently.

A word of caution: Do not store your items until they are completely dry. Moisture causes mildew and rust, the two most common problems faced by jewelry lovers.


2) Rub it with toothbrush

The simplest method to clean all types of gemstones is to scrub them gently with a toothbrush and soap. Toothpaste is also a very effective jewelry cleaner. Do note that this hack is only effective for stones. Do not use this on pearls or artificial jewelry.

If you feel too scared to use a toothbrush, you should try out the cotton cloth. The cloth, if used regularly, can help protect your jewelry by removing all the oils and grease from its surface.

*Note: make sure to grab a soft bristled toothbrush

3) Cloth bags for the win

Lumping all the jewelry pieces together in a big drawer can cause a lot of unwanted damage to your favourite jewelry pieces. Always use separate cloth bags to store your accessories to avoid scratches and tangles.

Plastic or wooden boxes are not the most effective options as the surface of these containers may cause damage to the jewelry. So only use them if they are lined with a fine fabric. Also, some jewels like opals and pearls need fabric to breathe and are better off in cloth pouches.

An additional storage hack:

Sprinkle talcum powder in your containers so that it absorbs all the moisture and keeps your jewelry slippery and untangled. This hack is great for long multi-layered necklaces and intricate chain based designs.


4) Avoid water, sweat and perfume

Don’t wear your jewelry while engaging in a heavy physical activity. Store it away while hitting the gym, avoid exposing it to water, avoid wearing it to swimming, bathing or to the beach.

Also, perfume is known to be the biggest enemy of your jewelry’s shine. The best practice is to wear your jewelry after applying your perfume so that it doesn’t affect your jewelry’s shine.

5) Coat and protect

A great way to maintain your jewelry for a long time is to coat it with a clear nail polish. This builds a layer of protection around your accessories, protecting them from dirt and rust. Another great product that is specially designed for this purpose is the clear jewelry gloss spray. Spraying your jewelry with gloss also builds a layer around it and keeps it from rusting and chipping. While spraying, ensure to cover the stones with masking tape so that their shine is not coated away by the gloss.


We all love buying the perfect piece of jewelry but we do little to maintain its polished look. Whether you are already a jewelry enthusiast or are on the road to becoming one, the hacks mentioned above will surely help you maintain your jewelry at a minimal cost.

Do you have a hack that you swear by? Share it in the comments below.

Why You Should Chose Handmade Jewelry Over Mass Produced Jewelry?

Some of us buy jewelry to pamper ourselves while others buy it as a symbol of status and wealth. Whatever the reason, jewels have always been associated with beauty and luxury. When choosing between handmade vs. mass produced jewelry, there are several reasons why the latter fails to please or meet the standards of consumers.

Handmade jewelry is known for being unique and prestigious, and rightly so, as the artists who make it, take great pride in their work choosing the finest gems and metals to create magic in their pieces. Handmade jewelry is a work of art, whether it is a ring that is crafted with intricate designs, or a necklace that is tailor made to match a client’s sophistication. On the other hand, mass produced jewelry pieces are made from materials that are available in abundance, and from sources that offer the cheapest deals.

Unlike mass produced jewelry, which is produced by machines that use substandard alloys, handmade jewelry uses the purest raw materials that are sourced through vetted providers. Jewelry designers spend hours on a piece, ensuring that their piece of work embodies a part of their soul. Their involvement with their craft is one of the biggest reasons why these artists seldom compromise on the quality of the products or the processes that are adopted in their work of art.

While machine produced items may be easy to acquire or cost low, they do not come close to the finesse or the energy of a handmade item. Large manufacturing units that produce jewels often cut costs and underpay their employees for greater profits, which makes the purchase of a mass produced jewel a grim experience for the community at large. 

It is also common knowledge that factories that mass produce jewelry items outsource most of their work to developing nations where women and children work in extremely deplorable conditions to produce trendy pieces for consumers around the world. In comparison, handmade jewelry is known to be environmentally friendly as the manufacturing process involves minimal wastes and simpler tools that involve zero carbon emissions. 

The handmade pieces are made in a workshop, which is often a part of an artist’s home, where the artisan brings in a deep sense of passion and love to develop a masterpiece. Hence, purchasing handmade jewelry does not only bring joy to an individual, it also benefits the local artists and is healthy for the local economy.

One of the biggest reasons to opt for handmade jewelry is that you can call an exquisite piece truly your own. Whether you get it custom designed or you pick something off the shelf, no two handmade pieces can ever be the same. Whereas, whatever comes out of the factories is a complete replica of the other.

Moreover, mass produced jewelry can be bought and sold on various forums and can be found in multiple places which makes it rather mundane and commercial.

A true jewelry lover understands that the feel of a handmade piece is vastly different from the feel of a machine manufactured piece. When an individual wears an item that has been crafted by hand, they feel a sense of pride, as they know that their jewel is one of a kind, and incomparable.

Unfortunately the same feeling cannot be attained wearing a piece that has been mass produced as that piece does not carry the effort, timelessness, the soul or the love of an artisan.

Learn more on how you can support handmade jewelry artists.


30 Most Impressive Handmade Engagement Rings

Getting engaged or saying “I do” becomes a lot more special when you have decided the color, size and the shape of your ring. This post highlights the 30 top engagement rings that can be custom made for your big day. Trendy, fashionable and drool worthy, if you are planning an engagement, you must look at our top favorite rings to get ideas for your event.

1. AlexisRussell

Bold, luxurious and fashionable, Alexis Russell creates magic when crafting jewelry pieces. Using organic and pure elements, the owner strives for uniqueness in each of her designs. These rings are a marriage of traditional aesthetic and modern craft.

2. AlisonTitusJewelry

If natural is what you seek, Alison Titus is bound to be your favorite. Using only the purest gemstones, these rings are all made by hand, and are custom designed for each individual. Their appeal is timeless and the rings give a natural earthy feel, complimenting all skin tones.


3. AltanaMarie

While Altana Marie is a new brand, it delivers quality and beauty in every piece that is hand crafted for everyday use and for special occasions. The best part of this brand is that you can also present your own gems and get them crafted into beautiful jewelry items.

4. AlyaPersonalized 

Known as one of the top shops on Etsy, Alya Personalized has made thousands of customers happy with their bespoke jewelry items, especially hand crafted rings.
5. Artemer

Artemer, based in Tel Aviv, has a vibrant and stunning collection of rings and jewels. Known for its mix of colors and striking combinations, the designs truly represent the choices of the modern woman.

6. DoronMerav

Using high quality materials and bold techniques, Doron Merav jewels are bold, catchy and glamorous. The rings, in all their beauty and glory, are statement pieces for the high end clientele. Each item is an artistic piece, designed with great craft and ingenuity.

7. EricaWeiner

Inspired by history and antiquity, every Erica Weiner piece tells a story. Curated designs from around the world are woven into their collection which can be purchased online or through their stores in New York. Using multiple shapes, angles and cuts, their rings are unique in their own essence.

8. JamieParkJewelry

With a Masters in Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design, Jamie Park infuses her rings and jewels with a great finesse and a simplistic touch. These delicate jewelry pieces are crafted with high quality metals and gems.

9. JewelLUXE

JewelLuxe is all about raw and rustic rings that give you that extra oomph when you adorn them on your hands. Environmentally friendly and yet absolutely drool worthy, these pieces are sure to be head turners.

10. Kataoka

Bringing the exclusive touch of a Tokyo based jewelry artist, Kataoka jewelry designs are sure to leave you feeling like a princess. Crafted with an intricate detail, the rings are made from the finest gems and stones.

11. LieselLove

Liesel Love atelier is based in New York and exhibits minimalist, fine rings that can be customized on client’s  requests. Made with extreme care and love, these rings are sure to bring a smile on a woman’s face.

12. LouisaGallery

Using unique gems and pure stones, Louisa Gallery creates a variety of rings that cater to all pockets. With its raw and simplistic appeal, these feminine pieces can be customized to suit different tastes.

13.  LoveRingsDesign

With a sparkle that is difficult to miss, LoveRingsDesign makes bespoke jewels with high quality metals and stones. With a variety of intricate and feminine designs, these rings make for a perfect gift for your special someone.

14. MelanieCasey

Experimenting with different gemstones, cuts and designs, Melanie Casey creates rings that are timeless pieces. If you are looking for a pretty and classy diamond ring, this atelier is going to put a smile on your lips.

15. MelanieCasey

Melanie Casey’s Drawing Room Ring is a fashionable and exquisite piece made with 25 rose cut diamonds housed in a beautiful casing of yellow gold metal. The ring is ideal for a dainty lady who has a taste for antique designs.

16. MicheleVarian

The Diamond Baguette Ring by Michele Varian is a special piece that is handmade to perfection. Aesthetically pleasing and bold, this ring is guaranteed to appeal a modern woman.

17. MinimalVS

The Diamond Sun Ring by Minimal VS is a popular ring for engagements and special occasions. With three bands, you have the choice to customize this ring in different stones, metals and colors, making this a truly customized piece.

18. MinimalVS

The Princess-Cut Diamond Ring is a modern engagement ring that is stylish, simplistic and crisp piece that is perfect for those who prefer sophistication.

19. NanjiyalaJewelry

A unique exquisite piece made with white, teal and gray diamonds, Nanjiyala Jewelry has made this ring with a lot of creativity and love. The pink tourmaline adds the extra charm to this beautiful piece.

20. OliviaEwingJewelry

A beautiful handmade piece by Olivia Ewing Jewelry that boasts four beautiful blue sapphires. This ring can be customized in different metal bands, including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and silver.

21. PointNoPointStudio

A truly unique piece, this hexagon black diamond ring from Point No Point Studio is a handmade ring that is made of high quality materials. The 1.14 carat ring comes with a diamond certificate of authenticity that speaks about the fine quality of the stone.

22. RuthTomlinson

A truly antique piece by Ruth Tomlinson, this ring is made of varying shades of diamond, white, grey and champagne. With a rustic and raw finish, the metal band comes in a beautiful grainy texture.

23. ShawAndWitch

Made with Topaz and gold, this ring is made for delicate fingers. Shaw and Witch creates timeless pieces in Shanghai, China and ships them all over the world.

24. SofiaZakia

Truly regal and antique, this ring is made with a large opal that is surrounded by natural white diamonds. The top of the ring has a spinning mechanism that can be turned in a circular motion.

25. SwankMetalsmithing

With the radiance of the sun, this Swank Metalsmithing ring  symbolizes happiness and radiance. This ring is made up with a combination of gold and white diamond and can be customized based on your preference and budget.

26. YCLjewels

YCL jewels exclusive pear cut soft pink rose quartz ring is the perfect engagement ring for people who are looking for something elegant yet different. The ring comes with white sapphire stones and can be customized in different metals.

27. ZulaSurfing

The only engagement ring in our list that comes with an adjustable band, Zula Surfing gets your jewelry needs like no other. The rose cut diamond set in a metal band inspired by tentacles, gives this ring a truly regal feel.

28. MinimalVS

One of its kind, this Minimal VS ring is a bi-color ring made up of diamonds and tourmaline. This ring comes in a variety of shades to suit your style and personality.


29. Oore

This rustic twig ring by Oore comes with three blueish green labradorite stones. Inspired and crafted from the mold of a real twig, these rings are for women who appreciate raw, natural beauty.

30. TheFoxAndStone

Last but definitely not the least on our list is this turquoise diamond ring by The Fox and Stone. A delicate combination of raw diamonds and turquoise, this intricate design makes it a very popular engagement ring.